Enrich and align the music curriculum of your school

to the standards of a world leading music institution

CvA Online for Partners offers personalised, interactive and certified online music programs to public and private schools worldwide.

We offer your institution the possibility to partner with us and we give your students the opportunity to follow our renowned curriculum, interact weekly with our faculty and earn a certificate. You can choose from our broad offering of courses or we can create courses that

meet your institution’s need for specific grade levels, age groups and curriculum requirements. For us it’s all about providing your students with the tools, inspiration and the support they need to enhance their study experience in your institution.

The Conservatorium van Amsterdam is proud to be ranked among the top institutions for music education worldwide.

Join a structured course, submit your videos and get personalised video feedback every week from the same educators of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam!

Teachers: enrich your curriculum

Implement online courses from our existing catalog or personalised

courses on demand. Students of our partners’ institutions are taught with

the same professionalism, and standards as our students at

the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.


Differentiate yourself by partnering with the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. We are committed to excellent music education for more than 130 years.


Offering a certified, interactive and internationally acclaimed curriculum will motivate your students to strive for no less than excellence in their musical studies.


Attract new students by offering them certified music courses and personal coaching from distinguished educators with longstanding teaching experience in higher education in music.

CvA Online for partners provides your institution with considerable flexibility in choosing and assembling music courses across a number of disciplines to align with the goals of your institution. With the help of an academic advisor, you can:


Assemble your Music program by choose course(s) from our existing catalog


Let us create a personalized online course(s) according to your didactical needs


Connect with our Music institutions through state of the art Live video Conferencing system.

What we offer your students

Students of your institutions will follow a structured online program, receive personalized feedback from our educators and earn a certificate.

Access anytime, anywhere

Get 24/7 access to certified online video courses, structured as a lesson to lesson plan and featuring PDF’s and play-alongs. Our courses are streamed from a state of the art platform and are accessible from any device.

Live video conferencing

Our students and educators can connect with institutions worldwide through a state of the art video conferencing system. This leap in online education enables students to get the full benefit of a real time, personalised session. CvA cooperates with partners such as the Manhattan School of Music and the Danish Royal Academy of Music, forwarding the curriculum exchange and enabling students to access live masterclasses from educators of world leading music institutions.


Personal feedback

Your students will follow online courses made by the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and will receive personal feedback from the educators of the Conservatorium through video exchange. At the end of each course they will also get assessed and graded on their performance and the results of their weekly assignments.

Results guaranteed

The structured and detailed online lessons, the feedback from our educators and the process of having to record themselves every week will help your students internalising the material of the course(s) naturally and quickly.

Earn a certificate

Successfully completing a CvA Online course will give your students the opportunity to earn a certificate. Each student is evaluated weekly through video assignments. At the end of every course students will have to pass a test in the form of a live streaming assessment with their online teacher.

Lesson-to-lesson plan

Each course is designed as a lesson to lesson plan with a specific development route. Each lesson deals with a specific topic and gives each student the possibility to learn, practice, interact and correct.


Exercises offer the students inspiring material stimulating them to improve a specific aspect of his/her playing.


Assignments give each student the chance to apply and test the material learned in each lesson. Students are required to record and/or present their weekly assignments.


Each student receives personal feedback from their teacher with suggestions and comments on his/her assignments.

Our courses

Classical Online
Shostakovich’ Strings Quartets
Master Class by Marc Danel
Basic Techniques for the Violin

The material and the exercises in this five-lesson course are presented in such a way that they are accessible to violinists of all kinds and levels. Subjects such as left and right hand technique, bow, vibrato, string crossing, articulation apply to every violinist’s lifelong journey of learning.

Course by Johannes Leertouwer
Piano Academy for Young Talents
Course by David Kuyken
Baroque Violin
Master Class by Shunske Sat ao
Basistechniek voor Violisten
Cursus van Johannes Leertouwer
Creating Sounds for Classical Percussion
Course by Arnold Marinissen
Introduction to the Natural Horn
Course by Teunis Van Der Zwart
Analysis of Debussy’s Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun
Course by Clemens Kemme
Chamber Music Master
Master Class by Sven Arne Tepl
Introduction to the Natural Trumpet
Master Class by David Staff
Advanced Rhythm for Classical Musicians
Course by Oyens, Reina, Bisquert, Zwaanenburg
Jazz Online
Jazz Guitar Techniques
Course by Edo Righini
Vocal Improvisation
Course by Sanna Van Vliet
World Rhythms for Drum Set
Course by Lucas van Merwijk
Elements for Practising Jazz Piano
Course by Karel Boehlee
Essential Walking Bass Techniques
Course by Frans Van Der Hoeven
Harmonic Upper Structures and Superimpositions
Course by Yaniv Nachum
Chordal Approach to Jazz Improvisation
Course by Jasper Blom
Basic Techniques for Jazz Trombone
Course by Bert Boeren
Advanced Rhythm for Improvisers
Course by Oyens, Reina, Bisquert, Zwaanenburg
Arranging Strings for Producers
Course by Walther Stulmacher
Guitar Essentials part 1, 2 & 3
by Edo Righini
Advanced Jazz Ear Training
Course by Johan Plomb
Sound and Vocabulary
A Jazz Trumpet Masterclass by Ruud Breuls
Pop Online
Lyrics Writing
Course by Blanka Pesja
Popular Music Theory
Course by Christian Pabst
Rock Guitar Techniques
Course by Marcel Singor
Arranging Strings for Producers
Course by Walther Stulmacher
Rhythms of The World for Producers and Composers
Course by Claus Tofft
Melodic and Harmonic Writing for Pop Producers
Course by Christian Pabst
Creative Pop and Rock Production
Course by Attie Bouw
Electronic Dance Music Production
Course by Hans Weekhout
Preparatory courses for the theorethical entrance examination
Preparatory Course for the Theory Entrance Examination by Ralf Pisters
Preparatory Course for the Theoretical Entrance Examination by Walther Stuhlmacher

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