Rock Guitar Techniques

A truly interactive course that will help you improve your soloing and accompanying skills.

by Marcel Singor

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This course is written to help you to develop essential guitar techniques and improve your soloing as well as your comping skills.

You will not only get to know interesting scales, chords and rhythmic groupings but also internalize a practical method how to use this newly gained knowledge in your own playing.

Different techniques such as bending, picking, vibrato and legato will be discussed alongside other topics, for example the influence of the blues.

Many examples enhance each lesson and will deepen your understanding of guitar playing. Furthermore, this course will help you to develop an efficient practicing routine.

2.5 hours

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Certified from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam

Personalised video feedback every lesson

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Content of the course

Lesson 1 - Pentatonics
In this video lesson, we will get to know the guitar neck by exploring the minor pentatonic scale.
You will learn about:
- Minor pentatonic scale
- Practicing different positions
- Using three strings
- Using two strings

Lesson 2 - The Aeolian Scale
In this video lesson, we will talk about the aeolian scale and how to use it for soloing by studying exemplary patterns and licks.
You will learn about:
- The aeolian scale
- Practicing scales
- Exercises for the aeolian scale
- 3 - String Patterns

Lesson 3 - Odd Rhythmic Grouping
In this video lesson, we will talk about odd rhythmic groupings and permutations that will help you to solo in a rhythmically
more interesting way.
You will learn about:
- Rhythmical exercises
- Shifting patterns
- Triplet patterns
- The A-Mack system

Lesson 4 - Advanced Chops: Legato
In this video lesson, we will discover hammer - on and pull- off - techniques and deepen our knowledge of legato playing.
You will learn about:
- Hammer - On
- Pull - Off
- Legato and staccato playing
- Picking
- Slides
- Patterns that incorporate various techniques

Lesson 5 - Picking
In this video lesson, we will work on our picking - technique and study exemplary patterns.
You will learn about:
- Picking
- Rhythmic groupings
- Patterns and exercises that make use of picking

Lesson 6 - Bending & Vibrato
In this video lesson, we will work on improving and expanding our bending - and vibrato - technique.
You will learn about:
- Bending
- Vibrato
- Exercises and patterns
- Examples from famous guitarists
- Applying the A-Mack system

Lesson 7 - Blues
In this video lesson, we will talk about the Blues and all the different styles that are influenced by it, like Country & Rock, etc.
You will learn about:
- The Blues scale
- Patterns and examples from great guitarists
- More positions on the guitar neck
- Practicing

Lesson 8 -  Chords
In this video lesson, we will talk about chords and voicings that will improve your comping as well as your soloing.
You will learn about:
- Vocals & guitar
- Songwriting
- Inversions
- Voicings
- Open chords
- Funk shapes

Lesson 9 - Putting Everything Together
In this video lesson, we will take all the different topics that we discussed in this course and explore how we can combine these concepts in our playing.
You will learn about:
- Open strings
- Skipping positions
- Legato / Blues
- Aeolian scale
- Patterns
- Tapping
- Adding notes
- Slides

How it works:

The course is a series of related video lessons, each structured around a specific topic or topics. By the end of this course, you will have developed a strong sense of direction in your daily study routine.

Weekly video lessons
After joining the course, you will be able to view a new video lesson weekly. Each video lesson consists of:
- Examples that musically define the sound of the topic you are studying in each video
- A study routine section in which we first discuss how to study the specific topic of each lesson. We will then play several exercises specially written to show you how to structure your daily study routine.
- Assignments that will help you consolidate and practice what you have learned in each video.

Weekly assignments
After each lesson, you will be asked to study, practice and then video record yourself playing an assignment which may consist of several exercises. When ready, you submit the video of your assignment. The process of having to record yourself every week, significantly helps to internalise the material discussed in this course - quickly and naturally.

Weekly feedback
You will then receive a video with individual and personalised feedback to each assignment, every lesson. The personal feedback that you receive will enable you to improve and clarify any questions that might arise during your weekly study. You can view the feedback as many times as you like.