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1.2.1 PRESENCE: from Fear to Flow

This class is about being/feeling free to express, to perform.

We tend to have SUBTITLES while singing, Do they like it? The must think I sing terrible

Do I look strange? I must remember the lyrics! Oh there is that high note! I have to give the cue at the right time!


Exercises and Practices:
Out of the comfort zone Exercise:

1.Strike poses: Shy, Self-assured/ attitude, Introvert, Happy sad, Scared, Exhausted, Brave, Frivolous



In this class I give you a number of ideas for working on a song
developing practice routine, useful tools for practicing and documenting, creating a program.

1. Listen to all performances of a song and write down what specifically you like, NAME THE DETAILS, here it can be helpful to try to copy certain elements of the performances you like to internalize them

2. Make a specific TO DO list for:

A ballad

A groovy song

3. Make a schedule for a week:

When and what and how long to study



Larynx is normal: Modal= speaking sound

Larynx tilted= Falset

1.Scale up and down from G to G– where are the changes

2.Scale up and down from C to C – where are the changes

3.Scale from C-G going from middle dynamic to soft to loud

Where are the changes?

4. Scales up and try not to change, let’s do it wrong-where the trouble starts?

5. Up C E G C down B G F D C

Doo dee doo dee dood ah dood ah dee

Work with opening up the soft pallet to make the transition, the passage work

6. A. Say the line of the song in modal, sing it on that height

B. Say it on a high speech level and sing it high with that quality

7. Yodel for fun

8. Work that passage with intervals


1.2.4 LYRICS: Let them get to you

I like to start talking about lyrics and interpretation by first go through the experience of letting them get to you: It is the other way around,


Exercises and Practices:
1. So I will say a line out loud, we will wait a few seconds and

Then I express what I feel and you express what you feel in one or two words

It is probably the case that we come up with different feelings!!

2. Sing every line NOW WE ADD MELODY as an extra DIMENSION


1.2.5 FEEL THE SWING basics 3

1. Give rhythms portato and legato

2. Lines IN A MELLOW TONE & I THOUGHT ABOUT YOU with melody and scat vowels repeat


1.2.6 IMPROVISATION- on themes

You practice a lot of things at once:

Groove, rhythm, time, phrasing, making variations on the melody

With little variations in rhythm and melody

EXERCISE the song

Repeat line by line

1. As written

2. With variation

3. Give your self a start note for the phrase-melody and go from there

Exercises and Practices:
First line of summertime and the living is easy

ll Cmin l Dminb5 G7 l Cmin l Cmin ll

Give a chord at random and sing the melody


1.2.7 EXPRESSION: Sound

Sound is atmosphere, emotion, energy, expression, and interpretation...

Look for different colors, different meanings, and different interpretation

Exercises and Practices:
1. Cold to warm sound: Summertime / Gershwin

Use the hands to indicate the shape of the sound

-Middle to thinner

-Middle to warmer

2. Emotions to color with:

Sweet Summertime and the living is easy

Cold fish are jumping and the cotton is high

Happy Your daddy's rich and your mum good looking

In love so hush little baby don't you cry

Confused one of these mornings you're gonna rise and singing

Brave then you'll spread your wings and you'll take the sky

Angry but until that morning there's nothing can harm you

Relaxed With mummy and daddy standing by

3. Exercise: Say these lines as if your are talking to

- Your little niece of 3 three years old

- A friend.


1.2.8 FEEL THE SWING basics 4

Regular triplet feel versus laid back

Exercises and Practices:
Give rhythm regular let repeat, then sing it laid back- repeat

Give rhythms laid back - they repeat regular

Give rhythm regular - they repeat laid back

Sing lullaby of bird landlines regular- repeat

Sing lullaby lines laid back - repeat


1.2.9 LYRICS long notes versus short notes


Singing versus talking, meaning of the words, phrasing, interpretation

Exercises and Practices:
Pennies from heaven / It Ain’t necessarily so


10 Stay in Shape
Singing is sports!! Warming up, relaxation, exercises

Exercises and Practices:
1.THE EAGLE EXERCISE- good for the lungs and to energies the whole body

2. BOXING and let go of sounds any sound

3. Glissandi from low till high

4. Throwing words

5. Staccato exercise

6. Legato 1-3-5-8-5-3-1

7. Articulation_ dud dl lee on 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1

8. Resonance ZOOMMMMM ZOOMMMM 1-2-3-2-1

9. Long breath: doo dee doo: long notes on 1-3-5-3-1