World Rhythms For Drum Set

A unique collection of World Rhythms

by Lucas van Merwijk

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A truly structured programme that represents the curriculum and lessons taught weekly by Lucas van Merwijk to students at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Van Merwijk presents a collection of world grooves that are both useful and instantly fun to play on the drum set. In most cases these rhythms were originally played on traditional drums and percussion instruments and have now been transposed here to the drum set.

Each lesson will start with some musical examples played by van Merwijk and in most cases accompanied by a rhythm section consisting of piano and bass. These examples will musically define the sound of the rhythms studied in each video, and will mostly consist of easy-to-assimilate rhythms, comping exercises, phrases or coordination exercises.

After the examples we will proceed to the study routine section. First we will discuss how to hear, understand and play certain rhythms. Then we will play some rhythms and exercises together, mostly to show you how to structure your daily study routine. We will then go on to make music with what you have just learnt. You will be invited to internalise, practice and play the material and rhythms you have just learnt.

At the end of each lesson you will be given an assignment to help you assimilate the material further. You will be asked to study and video record some specific exercises.

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We very much hope that you will be inspired to take a walk on the rich road of world drum rhythms.

So let's get started - grab your sticks and join us!