Advanced Rhythm for Classical Musicians

Develop a higher level of rhythmical accuracy

by Oyens, Reina, Bisquert, Zwaanenburg.

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Advanced Rhythm supplies the training to meet the demands of 20th and 21st century music. In orchestral or ensemble situations, most musicians at one point or another in their careers will have to face a piece by Stravinsky, Bela-Bartok, Varèse, Berio, Ligeti, Messiaen, Carter or Xenakis to mention just a few well-known composers. It is clear that today’s music asks for a radically new approach to training rhythm, a training that will provide the necessary tools to face more complex rhythmical concepts with accuracy, while preserving the emotional content.

Video's: 3.5 hours

Skill Level: Intermediate

Backing Tracks: Practicing software especially designed for this course

Language: English

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This masterclass teaches musicians how to perform polyrhythms and polypulses, how to play phrases in quintuplets and septuplets with complete accuracy and feeling, and very importantly, how to create a better sense of pulse in the musician. To achieve these ends, the usage of 'solkattu' (South-Indian set of rhythmical syllables) plays a very important role in order to memorise and feel rhythmic patterns and phrases. This masterclass is exclusively practical. No complex theories or concepts - only practical exercises are given in order to acquire a greater degree of accuracy without losing the sense of feeling and emotion. It is directed at performers of all instruments.