Harmonic Upper Structures and Superimpositions

Stretch your harmonic and melodic possibilities.

by Yaniv Nachum

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There are different techniques we can use in order to acquire new material into our improvisation. In this course we will give a comprehensive insight into some of these techniques.

We will start by “preparing the ground” and working out the basics of extended harmony. You will learn diatonic and modal upper-structures, the different combinations of upper-structures and the techniques to work these into your phrasing.

As we progress we will practice our timing and phrasing and apply these techniques in context.

Video's: 2.5 hours

Skill Level: Advanced

Backing Tracks: 15 Backing tracks recorded by pianis Franz von Chossy

Language: English



You will learn the harmonic function of a “Coltrane changes” progression and apply this as a super-imposed line. We will then create our own super impositions, explain the techniques of creating those and experiment with harmonic rhythm; we will then apply this material over different progressions and jazz standards. This course gives you the possibility of stretching your harmonic and melodic possibilities and extend your improvisational vocabulary.

The lessons will be accompanied by theoretic material, music-sheets, transcriptions and examples