Vocal Improvisation

Learn to improvise and expand your repertoire of musical phrases

by Sanna Van Vliet

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In this course you will learn how to gain more freedom for embellishing melodies and broaden your repertoire of musical phrases. With a deeper level of harmonic and melodic awareness and you will enlarge your freedom of expression and make your songs more personal. And all of this makes it more fun to improvise! 

You will be learning how to put fundamental skills into practice and how to improve your listening skills. In this course we will work with basic exercises, using tools like the major, minor harmonic and minor aeolian scales. We’ll practice these scales by singing intervals and sequences, thereby getting to know the sound of each scale.
By the end of this course you will have an improved awareness of what happens around you in a ‘performance setting’, you’ll be more in control, and you’ll have a better understanding of the music you hear.

Furthermore we will be working on the swing-feel versus the straight-feel. For example, what is the difference in their sound, theory, and feeling? There will be various exercise involving singing in both feels, as well as alternating between the two in order to strengthen your rhythmic awareness. This course is suited for singers, professional and amateur, jazz, pop or classically trained and instrumentalists who like to scat. Some level of theoretical understanding could come in handy, such as knowledge of the circle of fifths, major- and minor scales and degrees on a major scale, 7th chords and chord-symbols.

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