Jazz Trumpet Masterclass: Sound and Improvisation

Jazz Trumpet Masterclass - Ruud Breuls

by Ruud Breuls

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Jazz Trumpet Masterclass: Sound and Improvisation

Jazz Trumpet Masterclass - Ruud Breuls

In this unique masterclass we will talk about SOUND. what is sound?  how to get your own personal sound? We will look into the technical side of playing the trumpet but also look at the melodic aspects of the instrument, Improvisation and bringing these elements together.

We will talk about some of the most important aspects of playing Jazz trumpet and we will look at issues such as:

How to get your optimal sound from your instrument and make it your signature, breathing, dynamics, range and phrasing.

We will look at the horizontal aspect of playing an improvised melody and see how one can develop and build a solo; You will practice together with Ruud and apply yourself his exercises with a fantastic live rhythm section.

Videos: 3 videos, 1 hour

Skill Level: Intermediate / Advance 

Backing Tracks:  This workshop includes live performance examples and backing tracks with Pianist Karel Boehlee, Drummer Marcel Serierse and Bass player Jos Machteld 

Language: English


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How it works:

This masterclass is a series of related video lessons, each structured around a specific topic or topics. By the end of this course, you will have developed a strong sense of direction in your daily study routine.

Weekly video lessons: after joining the course, you will be able to view a new video lesson weekly. Each video lesson consists of:

Examples that musically define the sound of the topic you are studying in each video.

A study routine section in which we first discuss how to study the specific topic of each lesson. 
We will then play several exercises specially written to show you how to structure your daily study routine.

Assignments that will help you consolidate and practice what you have learned in each video.

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Content of this course:

Lesson 1: 

In this lesson we will talk about sound projection, breathing and range.
Ruud will show how to use long notes and space as a tool to create melodies.

The concept of call & rsponse will be explained and you will extend your knowledge and in the technical use of arrpegios.


Lesson 2:

In this lesson Ruud will again focus on SOUND!! There will be warming-up and mouthpiece exercises.
During the lesson Ruud will explain the effect of breathing on your tuning and projection, explain the state of mind leading to a good, solid and stable sound.

You will exercise your articulation and volume within your phrasing and develop your durability and endurance.


Lesson 3:

In this 3rd lesson about SOUND we will look at verious topics starting with dynamics, range, articulation and phrasing.
You will apply ascending & descending lines in your phrasing and play a long with some of the leading musicians in Europe!!

The second part of this lesson will focus on TIMING and RHYTHM
Ruud will explain different ways of practicing your swing and 8th notes lines. you will practice 16th notes and triplets and finally bring it all together