It's about Time!

A multidisciplinary approach to improving and developing your timing

by Karel Boehlee, Yaniv Nachum, Edo Righini, Sanna van Vliet, Bert Boeren, Ruud Breuls

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It’s about time!

A multidisciplinary team of renowned music educators will help you improve and develop your timing

By Karel Boehlee–Piano, Edo Righini- Guitar, Yaniv Nachum- Saxophone,
Bert Boeren- Trombone, Sanna van Vliet- Vocal and Ruud Breuls- Trumpet

Rhythm, Timing and Phrasingare the most fundamental elements in jazz and its related music.
This comprehensive course will help you improving these elements, using different methods presented by several renowned instrumentalists from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.
The course deals with Rhythm, Timing and Phrasingin different musical styles, working on parameters such as rhythmical accuracy, accents, articulation, tension / release, groove playing and much more!!
You will learn how to approach swing and straight feel, how to build a rhythmical vocabulary and how to effectively phrase your lines and rhythms in different musical styles.
The course is given by some of the finest musicians and educators in Europe and includes interactive practicing fragments, detailed worksheets, transcriptions and play a longs

*This course is for ALL INSTRUMENTS


How it works:

The course is a series of related video lessons, each structured around a specific topic or topics. By the end of this course, you will have developed a strong sense of direction in your daily study routine.

Weekly video lessons
after joining the course, you will be able to view a new video lesson weekly. Each video lesson consists of:

Examples that musically define the sound of the topic you are studying in each video

A study routine section in which we first discuss how to study the specific topic of each lesson. We will then play several exercises specially written to show you how to structure your daily study routine

Assignments that will help you consolidate and practice what you have learned in each video.

Weekly assignments
After each lesson, you will be asked to study, practice and then video record yourself playing an assignment which may consist of several exercises. When ready, you submit the video of your assignment. The process of having to record yourself every week, significantly helps to internalise the material discussed in this course - quickly and naturally.

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Content of this course:

Lesson 1
Timing and phrasing
By Karel Boehlee
Lesson 2
Timing and phrasing – part 2
By Karel Boehlee

Lesson 3
Rhythmic Improvisation
By Bert Boeren
Lesson 4
Straight and Swing
By Sanna van Vliet

Lesson 5
Rhythmical Tension & Release
By Yaniv Nachum
Lesson 6
Rhythm and Timing
By Edo Righini
Lesson 7
Rhythmvariations, timing and phrasing
By Ruud Breuls