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Online Music Degree

Being situated in the heart of Amsterdam’s vibrant musical environment, the Conservatorium van Amsterdam helps students evolve into versatile musicians at the highest level. With the knowledge and experience of its outstanding teachers, the best quality of musical education is guaranteed.

The diversity in courses that are offered range from jazz, classical and early music, to opera, latin and popular music. The curriculum is built up of both theoretical and practical education, giving the students enough opportunity to make individual choices within their bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Online certification

To support all musicians and future students of the Conservatorium of Amsterdam to take the next step in their musical career, there is the opportunity to obtain an online music certificate. A cost- and time-efficient way of pursuing your true passion. 

This certificate can be obtained by following online music classes, which are given throughout the (school)year. This means you can participate in the classes whenever it suits you best. 

When the course is completed, you will receive a certificate of participation. This can bring great benefits for the remaining of your education. With this certification, enrolling into the main curricula of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam may be easier. It can also give the possibility to be used to dispense other subjects in the curriculum you are enrolled in. Both these benefits are fully depending on which degree you are applying for or already have applied for.



Learning routine

The online courses vary from jazz trumpet masterclasses to advanced rhythm for classical musicians. The lessons are built up of a series of related video lessons, each structured around a specific topic. Every week you will be able to view a new video lesson, which consists of:

  • Examples that musically define the sound of the topic you are studying in each video.
  • A study routine section in which we first discuss how to study the specific topic of each lesson. We will then play several exercises specially written to show you how to structure your daily study routine.
  • Assignments that will help you consolidate and practice what you have learned in each video.

It differs per program whether you have to study and submit assignments, and whether it is possible to receive personalized feedback. In some of the cases, you are requested to study and practice the topics that you have learned, and record a video of yourself carrying out an assignment. When you have finished the assignment, you can submit your recording, on which you will receive personalized feedback from your teacher.

Online course overview

CvA Online is constantly creating and updating its courses. On this page you can find an overview of all of our current courses and masterclasses.

See our online course overview and our online masterclasses overview



Try a sample lesson

Before applying for one of our courses, for some of them it is possible to try a sample lesson. With this sample lesson you will be able to find out whether the online course is what you are looking for. In the course overview you can see for which courses or masterclasses it is possible to try a free sample lesson.



Applying for an online music course is easily done by signing up and purchasing the course. After you purchased this course, please allow us three working days to process the payment.

The tuition fee differs per program. Following the online courses for one year is feasible to obtain the online music certification. If you wish to extend your subscription, we kindly request you to email your teacher and the administration.


Contact for more information

Are you interested in obtaining your online music certification, but do you still have questions about the course? Please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to info@cvaonline.nl.